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Ubuntu Marketing is a Corporate Sales and Marketing with lots of ideas that are being rolled out in the fields of Trade Marketing, Micro Distribution, Sales and Market Research. Our founder members are talented and experienced in the business. On the marketing and distribution side, We help our customers grow their business with ROI (return on investment), through a combination of BPO, Consulting and the right retail strategy.

On the corporate sales, we represent a wide variety of products that appeal to the end user corporate customers. We partner with major brands and offer the best price delivered to corporate houses.

How do we do it? – We keep our clients happy the same way we win them – by providing innovative ideas to help drive growth and desired results.

Our Approach?

  • We offer what other companies can not offer . Consulting is core to the business resulting in a well written strategy and once approved it will be well executed.
  • Research and dip stick along with a client brief is our starting point.
  • Simplicity and Knowledge based Strategy is the foundation for our approach to any situation.
  • Proposals are written by Industry specialists thus reflecting accurate workable strategies in retailing business.
  • Proposals include partner agencies and companies who are selected on basis on industry experience most of them headed by previous industry professionals.
  • Proposal, Acceptance, Execution Timelines, Monitor, Improve and Expand is
    our preferred way of working.